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SpaOlogy in Broken Arrow offers several types of massage to promote a number of health benefits.


This massage is effective for taking care of one targeted problem area. The session will focus on that set of muscles, releasing the tension it has caused throughout the body.



Our 60 minute session gives you enough time to get in a full body massage. Take an hour out of your day to focus on you and completely relax!



Alows the therapist a great amount of time to focus on multiple problem areas in depth. Muscle groups throughout your body will be restored. You'll feel whole and ready for the world.



Go ahead-spoil yourself! This'll leave you relaxed, with every muscle feeling smooth, fluid & flexible. There's no experience like taking care of your body for 2 hrs. Relieve Stress!


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One of the most well-known and relaxing massage techniques, Swedish massage relaxes the entire body. Long, gliding stokes towards the blood flow back to the heart are used to loosen muscles and increase oxygen levels. A Swedish massage at SpaOlogy also removes toxins and improves circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Using more pressure than Swedish massage, this technique focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons. Deep tissue massage has been shown to decrease blood pressure after one 45 minute session. Other benefits include reduction of stress hormone levels and a more relaxed heart rate.

Hot Stones Massage

SpaOlogy offers hot stones massage therapy, which uses heat to release tension, ease muscle stiffness, increase circulation, and boost metabolism. Smooth stones heated with water are placed on key points on the body to enhance the benefits of the therapist's massage strokes. The stones also expand blood vessels, which increases circulation. The sedative effect can help relieve chronic pain.

Sports Massage

Athletes put a lot of stress on all the muscles in their body, especially the shoulders, arms, back, and calves. SpaOlogy's targeted sports massage techniques relieve muscle soreness and stiffness so you can prepare for your next practice or game. Sports massages are great for runners, team sport players, and fitness enthusiasts alike. One session every week or two can greatly improve your performance and prevent injuries.

Lymph Drainage Massage

Massage ServicesThis massage technique is used to treat the accumulation of fluid that can occur after lymph node removal surgery. The condition may also develop at birth, puberty, or in adulthood, affecting one or all four limbs. SpaOlogy manually drains the areas by pushing fluid away from fingers and toes to reduce swelling.

Trigger Point

Trigger point massage therapy at SpaOlogy alleviates pain associated with tight areas of the muscle tissue that carry pain to other parts of the body. By pressing down on these points and releasing them while the recipient breathes deeply, we can find the exact location of the discomfort and loosen these muscle areas. This massage type is especially beneficial for managing pain resulting from chronic injuries.

All types of massage offered at our spa in Broken Arrow can improve anxiety, digestion issues, fibromyalgia, headaches, and insomnia. They can also relieve nerve pain and soft tissue strains and injuries. A 1 hour introductory massage is $49.99 or $89.99 for a 2 hour introductory massage. Contact SpaOlogy to book your appointment and answer any questions you have.

Therapeutic Definition

The Therapeutic Definition massage is specialized to work out your sore spots and offer relief from your usual aches. This comprehensive massage provides high powered results and with consistent Therapeutic Definition, your pain points will be easier to manage in no time.

Reiki Definition

A Reiki massage offers relief from strain, pain, and will assist with ultimate cure. This definition massage energizes your body systems in order to begin curing and the sense of completeness. The Reiki treatment will set you on a path toward healing and better health in the long run.

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